Past View Granada


Experience a unique journey to the beginning of the 16th Century. A crucial moment in the History of Spain.

Past View Granada smartglasses will help you live this experience and learn what happened in our city in that century so relevant to the whole world.

Feel how people lived in the 15th and 16th Centuries, what the streets and houses were like. You will be on Calle Oficios during the construction of the Royal Chapel. Historical figures as relevant as Enrique Egas or the Catholic Monarchs themselves will explain, first-hand, the main moments in the history of the city as well as its monuments.

The historical immersion will accompany us on a tour of the Royal Chapel, the Madraza (First University of Granada founded with all the Nasrid splendor) and the Mosque.

The Past View Granada virtual experience is a different tourist activity, a journey through time.

The tourist visit takes place outside the Royal Chapel, which you will enter through the augmented reality glasses.

How does Past View work?

Past View are guided tours that help you understand what the spaces you are visiting were like in the past.

It is a complete sensory experience.

Thanks to smart glasses and a touchpad, you can visit virtual reconstructions of heritage sites using AR (Augmented Reality) technology, getting close and immersive.

These are not pure architectural recreations, you will enter places full of life surrounded by characters of the time. Sometimes these characters will guide you through the journey.